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Welcome To The rebelution

april 11, 2019
at sound river studios, long island city


A Letter From Your Rebel Hosts

This event was created because we felt left out by the wedding industry conferences. We wanted a giant space to bring together all wedding pros who have one thing in common - they want to build a business on the evolving, reimagined wedding industry - the one that empowers women and invests in marriages first and foremost. To help others figure out their branding, find their network, and have A LOT of fun. The wedding industry is changing - and fast. It’s less about the frilly demands of a bridezilla and more about amazing diverse couples building love parties that celebrate them and their communities.

Will you join us in this change?

Will you come with an open mind + heart to make your business better, bigger, and well connected?

And very importantly, will you break it down with us on the dance floor too?

We can’t wait to meet you + get this Rebelution started!

Party on,
Amy, Ainsley, and Nato



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